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Carolyn Dawn Johnson talks about touring and her new music

Canadian country artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson chatted about her new music and touring.

Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Photo Courtesy of Russ Harrington
Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Photo Courtesy of Russ Harrington

Canadian country artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson chatted about her new music and touring.

Touring with Martina McBride

Johnson is opening for country star Martina McBride on her tour, and she will be performing background vocals and playing guitar. “I love being with Martina and I love it when I get to open for her. It feels just right,” she said.

“My opening set is just me and my guitar, and I play for half and hour. You will hear some of the hits and I’ve got a new song ‘Road Blocks,’ which is coming out on October 20.”

“After I open for her, I will take a quick break, and then I will perform with Martina in her set, and I love to do that,” Johnson added.

2023 CCMA Awards with High Valley

Johnson revealed that she went to the CCMA Awards and she recently performed “Do This Life” with High Valley. “Brad Rempel is amazing, he is a good man. He is such a sweetheart. His son is in the same grade as my daughter, and we had a blast doing that song,” she said.

“We had a good time,” she admitted.

Speaking of the 2023 CCMA Awards, Tenille Townes just won her fifth consecutive “Female Artist of the Year” win, where he tied the record for most wins in this category along with Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Michelle Wright. “Isn’t that crazy?” Johnson exclaimed.

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, Johnson said, “Doing music in this digital world is different and interesting. The focus is a little different. I am not with a major label anymore. We have the ability to still spread the word; the way we want to reach our fans, so that’s a good thing.”

“As far as streaming goes, I stream music all the time, so I totally get it,” she said.

“We will see how it goes. I hope people give me and my music a chance again. I love this new music because I wrote it and I made it. We don’t want it to come out and just disappear, we really want people to hear this music. I am trying to figure out how to do that with the people that are helping me,” she elaborated.

Upcoming show at the City Winery in Nashville

Johnson noted that she will be doing a Canadian country show with Michelle Wright and Lisa Brokop at the City Winery in Nashville this December. “Any time I get to be around Michelle Wright is a wonderful thing. Michelle is such a sweetheart,” Johnson said. “I can’t wait to perform with Michelle and Lisa.”

New music in the works

On her latest endeavors, Johnson remarked, “I have been working on a new record… it is not all the way done. The first song will come out in mid-October. I am super pumped.”

Brett Kissel duet

Johnson shared that she enjoyed being a part of the Brett Kissel duet “I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair.” “When we performed it at the CCMAs together, it was very powerful,” she said. “That was a wonderful thing to be a part of. I was honored that he asked me to be a part of it. We still do it every now and then. We sang it at the Grand Ole Opry and some of his shows. It is such a special song.”

“Brett also sings ‘Die Of A Broken Heart’ with me. We have these wonderful collaborations going. Brett is also a phenomenal guitar player and he has learned to play that song perfectly,” she said.

‘The Masked Singer’

When asked what object or animal she would dress up as on “The Masked Singer,” if she were ever given a chance to be on that show, Johnson said, “I would go as a lion.”

Stage of her life

On the title of the current chapter of her life, Johnson said, “Overcoming.”

Dream duet choices in music

Johnson listed Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, and Patty Loveless as her dream duet choices in music.


Regarding her definition of the word success, Johnson said, “Success means happiness and making a living to support my two children. Also, continuing to do what I love to make a living so that I can be happy.”


“For the fans that have stuck around, thank you so much,” she expressed. “Thanks for continuing to watch, to listen and to support me. Thanks for always encouraging me to keep going. I am excited about this new music that I am working on. I hope that they can relate to the new music and sing along with me. I hope to make them proud.”

To learn more about Carolyn Dawn Johnson, check out her official website, and follow her on Instagram.

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