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It’s One Small Step For E-commerce, One Giant Step for the Cuban Government

In an unprecedented decision, the Cuban government has agreed an
Internet joint venture with the company Primeras Inversiones,
International, a subsidiary of the Tour & Marketing Group
( for the development of e-commerce on Cuba. Since
1996, Tour & Marketing has operated over 30 websites for Cuba under
license as approved by the Cuban Chamber of commerce. For the past
three years, the organization also has operated websites independently.

The Cuban government is embracing the burgeoning e-commerce industry in
order to plan for its future.

Primeras Inversiones was the first company to introduce e-commerce
travel services to Cuba via The company owns over 100
Cuba-based domains, which gradually will be introduced to promote every
sector of the Cuban economy.

The final venture is predicted to be submitted as an IPO in Canada
within 12 months.

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