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New Internet Site Offers A Universe Of Real Greeting Cards To Land In Real Mailboxes enters the $9.0 billion greeting card industry, with an
online service that allows consumers to select, personalize and buy
paper greetings cards online to be delivered to homes of their choice. challenges other Internet greeting card providers and
old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar operations by providing large product
selection. Dilbert, The Far Side and King of the Hill cards, plus
exclusive card lines from talented illustrators and artists are
available with a click.

After the card is chosen and personalized, inscribes the
card using a proprietary high-resolution printing process and cards are
sent at via the U.S. Mail (or domestic overnight via Federal
Express). also offers a free address book, calendar, order history,
and email reminder service, as well as comprehensive record keeping for
businesses that handle mass mailings.

Gary Hickox, a Fortune 500 and Internet IPO executive with 20 years
experience, recently joined the Internet greeting card company as Chief
Executive Officer. Hickox says, “ goes far beyond simply a
convenient way to buy cards online. It has the potential to truly
revolutionize the way we think about personal greetings and ongoing
communications. After today, the greeting card industry as we know it
will never be the same.”

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