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The Girls’ Club: Online Community Serves Spanish and Portugese Women

Tapping into the exploding Spanish and Portugese women market in the
United States and Latin America, with more than 8.5 million women
online, serves as a major bilingual portal community for
women.’s community-base is growing rapidly due to its
original editorial
content that addresses how women can gain awareness in areas including
business, career development, technology and finance.

Currently, offers information in Spanish and Portugese.
An English-language option is forthcoming.

Founded in 1999, is one of the first online Latin American
companies for women to recognize the potential of women on the Web. plans to grow into a network of content and community
sites, serving women at different personal and professional development
stages and with diverse developing interests.

Marisol Wesson, founder and President of feels that the
Internet is an excellent source for information that women can use to
empower themselves: “Women in Latin America are creating an online
revolution and are becoming the dominant force on the Internet in Latin
America today.”

“Women make the majority of online health care decisions, retail
purchases and financial choices for the household. We initiated this
Internet company to get to the heart of what aspiring, working Latin
American women want and need online both now and in the future. As we
target this powerful segment of the online audience, we plan on moving
[women] from awareness to action in an approach that will include
mentoring and introduc[ing women] to counterparts all over the region.”

For Wesson, one of the strongest assets has to offer is
its ability to allow women to network with other career women in
different countries

Wesson is the co-founder of 4NBiz an Internet Marketing Company
specializing in marketing business-to-business companies in Latin
America. She is the former Vice President of Lawson Mardon Latin America
and the former General Manager for Mead in the Latin American Region.
Wesson is a full supporter of female development and entrepreneurship:
“There are currently no bilingual resources online that provide the
Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking [female] communities with the
information and resources
they need professionally., with its multilingual site,
will fill … this gap.”

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