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Recording E-Tracks Online

Rocket Network and Emagic GmbH have joined forces to create Logic
Rocket, software which enables musicians to collaborate and producine
original work online for free. By obtaining the software at, musicians can play with anyone, at any time.

HarmonyCentral boasts over 1.5 million musicians visiting its site every
month. Musicians who would like more recording control, may rent private
recording studios starting at $99 a year.

After a quick free download, HarmonyCentral users can play in free
public studios with unique themes. They also can purchase their own
private studio space to control and record their session. Doug Provisor,
the Vice President of Marketing at compares the
Internet method of recording work to the traditional method: “Owning
your own Web-based studio has some incredible advantages,” said
Provisor. “In the real world, studio time can cost hundreds of dollars
an hour, and a home project studio requires a big investment in space
and gear. You also need to schedule everyone’s time.”

“With HarmonyCentral, all you need is a way to get your tracks into a
digital file, the free Logic Rocket download, and a yearly fee,”
Provisor said. “You could easily spend more in one day at a real studio
than you’d spend for a year of service online. Now, you’re no longer
worried about time, travel and arrangements. You’re just recording –
fast, affordable, and secure and on your schedule.”

HarmonyCentral made its first live broadcast from an MIT dorm room in
1994. It now has more than 14 million monthly page views. In 1999,
HarmonyCentral merged with music gear e-tailer to form The combined sites share over 15 000 pages of
content. The sites operate independently under the parent corporation of, Inc. Vulcan Ventures

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